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“Wide Maslenitsa” celebration

On the 26th of February 2012 in Dynamo park “alley of fountains” there was celebration of “Wide Maslenitsa festival” held by VTB Arena park executives supported by the  local authorities of “Aeroport” district.

From the early morning historical park began was filled with sounds of famous folk tunes and vibrant festive songs. Pleasing fuss and familiar melodies attracted new visitors unable to let this event to pass by. Even if they just stroll about through park alleys they bound to slacken their pace near the fountains to watch rousing performance of folk music groups and taste traditional treats – crepes (in Russian – blinis). Various bands appeared on the stage this day, performers of diverse styles, dance crews and musicians and all entertainers were trying to entice guests into cheerful round dance they were a part of. All participants were free to express themselves by showing their talents if they feel that they have one and get an experience as real performers. For children of all ages (probably the better half of the audience) there were different inflatable attractions and arranged sports grounds.

Hammer and anvil amusement was of special interest – anyone who feels like it could pretend themselves to be a master hand of incuse and mint a coin with a symbol of Aeroport district and logo of VTB Arena park embossed on it with own hands. 

Although celebration in Dynamo park was held for the first time not only locals came to see off winter and welcome spring on this day but also guests from throughout Moscow. Organizer of this feast (Maslenitsa – 2012) is VTB Arena park and local authorities of Aeroport district promised to celebrate this holiday on the yearly basis which definitely stand a good chance to become a heart-warming tradition of the legendary Dynamo park.

It's easy to imagine that such a festival can't do without one of the vital traditions of Maslenitsa: burning of scarecrow. Guests could hardly wait for this scene. The show was greeted with inspiration – applause, whistles of appreciation and dances. It is traditionally reckoned that burning of Maslenitsa scarecrow symbolizes a new lease of life. 

Exactly on these very days Dynamo enjoys resurgence – making next step forward for the better period - and it wants to share this joy with people. VTB Arena park also presented to all guests the concept of its project including: sports facilities, hotel and apartments which will appear soon and give zest to the elite district in the city center.

 All depressing and sad things are burned out which means that we expect only triumphs on our way. 

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