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A new place for the monument to Lev Yashin

On the 29th of April 2011 the monument to legendary Dynamo and USSR National Football Team goalkeeper was moved to the new place.  For anyone who wants to pay tribute to the glorified world-famous soccer player there’s literally nothing easier than find the monument: it is located not far from the south entry of Dynamo subway station at the main entrance to Dynamo park.

There is no future without a past.  For Dynamo society this statement is an inviolable truth. Therefore dynamo veterans are honoured and invited for momentous events.

Executives of Dynamo society, veterans of football, journalists and sports enthusiasts were at the unveiling ceremony.  Valentina Timofeevna – Lev Yashin’s widow of – was keen to attend but was unable to for medical reasons.

For 12 years the monument to Lev Yashin resided at Dynamo stadium façade. Renowned football players famous throughout the world such as Pele and Franz Beckenbauer laid flowers for it. All year round on this goalkeeper ground there were natural flowers in token of nationwide respect and affection.

Andrei Peregoudov, Senior Vice-president of JSC VTB Bank and Director of VTB Arena park project considers this change a milestone event:

“I have recently communicated with FIFA representatives and they consider Yashin the greatest goalkeeper of all times. We strive to do our best to make Dynamo park the most popular place for people”.

Sergey Sysoev, Deputy Chairman of Dynamo Central Council is confident that Lev Yashin is the best sportsman ever for our Society: “We are proud of him being a part of Dynamo team”.

Viktor Tsarev who had been driving force in making prosperous Dynamo history alongside with Lev Yashin recalls:

“There is no person in the world of football who would not know Lev Yashin. Football was his main passion. He is still with us – in Dynamo park - just moved from one place to another. I think Lev would not mind”.

Vitaly Davydov, hockey player, three-time Olympic champion shares cheering news:

“We endeavored to name a huge bulk freighter after Lev Yashin. Now this ship prowls the oceans.

So music died away,  TV crew began to reel kilometers of wires and at this very moment an elderly man in a faded windbreaker approached the monument, laid a bouquet of gorgeous roses and left quietly before reporters came around. They didn’t even manage to ask his name.

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