Time left for the first
match at "Dinamo"

VTB Arena Park – one year before the opening. Friendly words

VTB Arena Park is a unique project of multifunctional territory development awarded with prestigious international awards

Vitaly Mutko
“…In my view, this is a unique and fantastic project, especially taking into account its location which is historically associated with sports. This project is a tremendous contribution in sports development not only in Moscow, but in Russia as a whole…”

Segey Sobyanin
“…Dynamo Stadium is a unique sports facility. A new sports cluster is being born in Moscow… it is going to be a unique and, I hope, favorite sports place for Moscow residents…”

Andrey Kostin
“…this project has a special importance. Dynamo Stadium will become not only the most up-to-date and state-of-the-art stadium in Russia compliant with all international standards, but also one of the best sports facilities in Europe…”

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