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The VTB Arena Park project team is working where many historical events were happening and famous people were creating priceless treasures of the world culture. The project team is reverently treating everything related to the history of this place and biography of the country which is reflected in the great legacy of the Dynamo society. That is why when a unique historical document was found in the project archive (a poster “Shooting range of the Moscow proletarian sports society Dynamo”), it was decided that it certainly should be restored and preserved.

According to the experts, the paper poster 85 by 154 cm was created with gouache paints and coated with a gum solution in the early 1920s, the time when the Dynamo society was founded.

During the restoration process, the poster was cleaned off of the surface contamination. The damaged parts of the surface were treated with chemicals and washed on a vacuum table with distilled water and alcohol. The residual glue on the back and front surfaces was removed and the sheet base was also reinforced. After drying, the poster was tinted and fixed in a frame.

By the way, when the poster was removed from the frame (the restorers received the poster in a frame with glazing and plywood backing board), there was one more surprise – the restorers found 21 used target sheets with bullet holes folded in half and stacked between the poster sheet and the backing board. The graphical expertise confirmed that the targets were signed by one of the founders of the Dynamo society, legendary Pavel Uralets, whose son Viktor visited the construction site of the Stadium in Petrovsky Park a couple years ago.

It was not the first time when the sports, history and culture were mixing together in the VTB Arena Park project. In the late 2016, a restoration workshop was arranged in the heart of the reconstructed stadium, where the specialists are restoring the bas-reliefs created by an outstanding sculptor Sergey Merkurov whose masterpieces had been decorating the porches of the Northern and Southern Grandstands for almost 80 years. By the end of 2018, a bronze sculpture called “The Football Players”, created by the famous Joseph Chaikov, will be installed next to the entrance to the Dynamo Sports Park. The large sculpture will be reproduced with the aid of a 3D laser scanning technology on the basis of the original sculpture of the same name created in 1939 now exhibited in the State Tretyakov Gallery. The sculpture together with its pedestal will be almost 3 meters high. This work is utilizing the most up-to-date technologies including 3D laser scanning, structural and technological surveys. Laser scanning of the sculpture started last Summer. This is a unique restoration project for the Tretyakov Gallery – it is the first time when the museum is using this technology to reproduce a bronze sculpture.

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