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June 7, the State Tretyakove Gallery with the support of VTB Arena Park showed to the press the start of 3D scanning process for Iosif Chaikov’s sculpture, known as the Football Player. The first step will include a complex of studies, such as 3D scanning, and the experts will issue their recommendations to the restorers of the sculpture. Then the scanned image will become a base for a new copy of the sculpture which is planned to be installed next to the famous Western Stand of the Dynamo Stadium.

Senior Vice President of VTB Bank and the head of VTB Arena Park project Andrei Peregoudov: “We are lucky to support such an important restoration process and, in fact, give a new birth to this stunning sculpture. We believe that we will be able to fill our project with this fantastic power radiated by the Football Players. It is a great pleasure for us to find a common language with the Tretyakov Gallery, make this project a mutual benefit and add more art objects to such a sacred place as the Petrovsky Park and the Dynamo Stadium. The sculpture is planned to be located near the western historic wall. It will be a new place of attraction for the Moscovites and the city visitors. It will be a great place for them to meet, take pictures and keep it in their memories in the future.”

General Director of the State Tretyakov Gallery Zelfira Tregulova: “In this work we use modern technologies: 3D laser scanning, ultrasonic method, considering even X-ray radiation from the metal. Such a detailed analysis is required due to the unique status of the sculpture and its peculiar features because the whole mass of the structure successfully stands on just one boot of one of the football players. The next phase of the survey will be creation of a special external frame which should fix all parts of the sculpture. The frame will allow us to incline the statue and inspect its base without any damage. After the survey is done, the experts will be able to find the best way to restore the Football Players; we will have a 3D model which will be used to make a copy. Our goal is to have a cast bronze sculpture ready and installed in front of the Dynamo Stadium already in 2017. We are sure that the statue will become a real jewel of this stadium.”

Head of Department of Culture of Moscow Alexander Kibovsky: “Employing new technologies to integrate the best examples of the national art into our urban environment is a nice modern trend.”

Vladimir Parfenov, the supervisor of 3D scanning and data processing: “It is our first experience of conducting a survey of such an object with such equipment, though our experts are highly qualified and can manually process the images of each scanned part of the sculpture despite that here they have to consider every micron.”

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