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Stadium reconstruction

Reconstruction project of the oldest stadium – Dynamo – underwent a number of changes. Andrei Peregoudov, Chairman of the Board, CJSC VTB Arena (project investor and developer) informed Moscow mayor Sergey Sobyanin in the course of his visit to the reconstruction site that the capacity of football arena would be reduced twofold.

According to Mr. Peregoudov the stadium will be designed for 27 000 people instead of previously planned 45 000 people. Besides commercial part will be curtailed by 20 000 sq.m. “As a result total construction volume is 190 000 sq.m. instead of 378 000 sq.m. preliminary planned”– he stated.

Sergey Sobyanin supported the decision to optimize the capacity of the stadium and inquired when the project would be adjusted in accordance to these amendments. “In May we will get an expert report and after that we are planning to start concrete works in full conformity with the tight schedule we set for the project. Upon receipt of the expert opinion we will pour concrete for a foundation so that this stage is completed by winter” – Mr. Peregoudov stated.   

“You have to speed up the stadium construction process as Petrovsky park subway station is already under construction and your project has to be brought in harmony with construction pace of the subway station. Construction has to be finished as soon as possible as we can’t afford any delay” - Sergey Sobyanin said.

“We want to be precise and use only accurate estimates. We are making our best to thoroughly check everything and use all means to avoid miscounts. We should be careful and circumspect as such miscalculations used to happen before with these kinds of projects” – Mr. Peregoudov explained.

“You don’t have to recast anything, the only thing authorities expect from you is to accomplish design and boost the construction process”, the Mayor replied.

Mr. Peregoudov noted that after replanning the stadium “seems as it is shrunk but this fact only makes the venue cozier.”

“We managed to retain historical field configuration. The stadium perfectly fits into the historical landscape, an old historical wall which is planned to be restored, even those parts of it which had already been earlier reconstructed” – he remarked.

The officer also said that the height of the stadium in the project will also be lowered by 12 meters – “it looks as if the stadium has withstood a “facelift” procedure and instead of bulky facility which it used to be while we tried to make design complying with FIFA requirements that stadium should hold up to 45 000 people now we have  Moscow, neat, cozy, sports facility in the heart of the city with the football stadium for up to 27 000 seats and outstanding  concert and sports arena for 11 500 people” – Mr. Peregoudov said.

The arena will be transformable. During hockey matches the stadium can seat 11 500 spectators and during basketball games yet for a thousand more.  14 000 people will get an opportunity to enjoy performances that will be shown on the stage. “We mastered technical know-how that will let us to transform the rink into a basketball court in a couple of hours” – Mr. Peregoudov added. The Stadium will have 60 VIP suites. 

“Stadium parking will consist of 1 600 lots”, - he continued.

Regarding commissioning schedule Andrei Peregoudov claimed that works are planned to be completed in 2017. “We stated earlier that the first match could be hosted in 2016, but after FIFA decision to exclude Dynamo from the list of the venues where World Cup 2018 matches are taking place and after six months of redesigning it is more realistic to set 2017 as a starting date. So all works must be finished in 2017”, Mr. Peregoudov noted.

He also mentioned that the commercial part of the project was not redesigned: “We didn’t change anything in this part. We have already received permission for construction and got down to construction activities. We put this part into service gradually – stage by stage – a few facilities will be completed in 2014, some – in 2015”. The commercial part consists of administrative-technical complex, apartments, Hyatt Regency hotel, office and residential area, shopping and park area.

It bears reminding that Dynamo stadium is a cultural heritage site of regional significance and tightly bound with national sports history. It was built in 1928 and could seat 36 500 spectators at that time. Field parameters: length - 105, width -68 meters.

The stadium was closed for reconstruction in 2008. The works are initiated in early February 2013. Dynamo stadium area is a cultural heritage site. The Project envisages an overall reconstruction of Grand Sports arena of the stadium and other facilities located on its territory. In addition historical look of the stadium will be restored. Construction works are carried out at the expense of the investors.

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