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The St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2017 has finished. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the VTB Arena Park project participation in the Forum: within four days the company management representatives outlined their opinion on the support and development of the Russian sports, creation of a new type of city communities where the new stadium is to become an attraction center, as well as on business opportunities for sports facilities. There were also several important agreements signed during the Forum. Finally, the VTB Arena Park exhibition stand became an attraction point for all participants of the Forum. And the gala basketball game for the Roscongress Cup titled VTB Arena Open: Match of Two Capitals was a true apex of the basketball topic.



VTB Arena Park, supported by the Roscongress Foundation, initiated the opening sessions of the Forum titled “SPORTS – SPACE OF TRUST”.

The event was attended by: First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma and President of the Russia Olympic Committee Alexander Zhukov, First Deputy President-Chairman of the VTB Bank Vasily Titov, State Duma Deputy and three times Olympic champion Alexander Karelin, chess world vice-champion Sergey Karjakin, the Euroleague President Jordi Bertomeu.

The session participants discussed the transparency and independent key decision making in the global sports, potential steps to reinforce Russian positions in the international sports authority bodies taking into account the examples of its participation in the global sport integration and reformation processes.


General Director of CJSC “MC “Dynamo” and the head of the VTB Arena Park project Andrei Peregoudov took part in a series of significant sessions and panel discussions.

On Day Zero, there was a plenary session opening the World Sports Forum titled Sports – New Ground for Dialogue at International Economic Forums, organized by the Roscongress Foundation. In his speech, the head of the project spoke in details about the construction progress of the reconstructed Dynamo stadium, shared his ideas on potential formats of the new sports cluster and noted a special social role of the project, which, among other things, will be fulfilled by the Dynamo Sports Academy.


At the panel discussion organized by Ernst&Young and titled Sports Facilities as Innovative City Development Driver, Andrei Peregoudov paid special attention to the culture of supporting your team. He expressed hope that that the efforts of the VTB Arena Park project will help to recreate a community of sport enthusiasts in the Dynamo district. “Under the support of mass sports and building of local home arenas, Russia is witnessing the birth of a unique culture – “the culture of supporting your team”. Supporting the team of your neighborhood, school, and university. It is also important for building a loyal and friendly city environment. There is an expression in English “neighborhood community” that cannot be accurately translated into Russian. But it is exactly what we want to create around the Dynamo stadium – we want this old Moscow district to have a community of people who take care of their health and their families, who love each other. Such people will be the main visitors of their homey and cozy stadium as it has always been.”


Andrei Peregoudov spoke at the panel discussion organized by the Soviet Sports newspaper and titled Sports Economics: Effective Cooperation between the State and Media Business before FIFA world Cup. The vivid discussion was also participated by Tina Kandelaki, General Producer of Match TV, Oleg Safonov, Head of the Federal Tourism Agency, Natalia Vodianova, the ambassador of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, and football player Alexey Smertin.

The topics of different sports authorities’ consolidation, sports media market development, initiation of unique near-sports events and activities as well as synergy of commercial and sports brands provoked the most vivid interest among the presidium members and the auditory.


During all days of the Forum, the VTB Arena interactive stand was extremely popular; the exhibition stand was designed as a mini-basketball court with real spectator seats, two interactive basketball units and decorated with a commemorative ball autographed by the Euroleague President Jordi Bertomeu and great basketball players Sergio Llull, Viktor Khryapa and Vassilis Spanoulis.

The guests of SPIEF had a change to practice the accuracy of their shots supported by a professional trainer and to learn about the VTB Arena Park project in more detail.

The celebrities also could not leave basketball without their attention: the State Duma Deputy and a tree times Olympic champion in Greco-Roman wrestling Alexander Karelin, Prince Georgy Romanov, the descendant of the Romanov royal family, the Russian fashion model, the ambassador of the FIFA 2018 World Cup and the founder of the Naked Heart Foundation Natalia Vodianova, Honored Master of Sports and the Olympic silver medalist Ilya Averbukh, the star of the Russian football Alexey Smertin, and many others. Not all of them could score the basket at the first time. However, Natalia Vodianova had easily managed to make a three-score shot and was excited to try on the historical Dynamo uniform.

Over 300 people participate in the improvised basket-battles. At least 1000 shots could go through the basket; the guests had to compensate their missed shots with squats (at least 1500 in total) and pushups (at least 1700 in total). So, the VTB Arena stand had made a sufficient contribution into the health of the Forum participants.


June 01, 2017, the VTB Arena Open: Match of Two Capitals Gala basketball game took place between the Moscow and St. Petersburg selection teams for the Roscongress Foundation Cup. The spectators passionately supported their teams; the basketball court became the place of a serious battle. It is not surprising because the teams consisted of real basketball fans and professional sportsmen: Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Arkady Dvorkovich, President of the Russian Basketball Federation Andrey Kirilenko, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Viktor Evtukhov, Chairman of PJSC BANK “ROSSIYSKY CAPITAL” Mikhail Kuzovlev, Chief Strategist of JLL for Russia and CIS Vladimir Pantushin, Member of Trustee Board of the ICP Children Help Foundation “Step Together” Olga Pankova, Chairman of the Board of the State Company “Russianhighways” (“Avtodor”) Sergey Kelbakh, Chairman of the Russian Olympic Committee Alexander Zhukov, Vice President of NBA in Russia David Watts, General Director of JSC “Federal Passenger Company” Petr Ivanov, General Director of CJSC “MC “Dynamo” and the head of VTB Arena Park Andrei Peregoudov, Board member and Chief Operational Director of LLC SIBUR Dmitry Konov, President of NP PBK Lokomotiv-Kuban Andrey Vedischev, Russian TV and radio presenter Viktor Nabutov, General Director of GEMCORP RUSSIA foundation Albert Sgirian, Russian actor Gosha Kutsenko, General Director of the VTB United League Ilona Korstin, President of the VTB United League Sergey Kuschenko, IT Director of Russian Railways Evgeny Charkin, Russian skater and Honored Master of Sports Svetlana Zhurova.

Match score 54:54.


The first official day of the Forum was noted by signing a Cooperation Memorandum with Euroleague that is to confirm the organizers’ intention to host the 2019 Euroleague Final Four, the main European basketball tournament among professional male clubs from the FIFA countries, at the VTB Arena. The Sports festival will be held under the support of the Moscow Government.

The document was signed by General Director of CJSC “MC “Dynamo” and the head of the VTB Arena Park project Andrei Peregoudov and the Euroleague President Jordi Bertomeu.

This important basketball event will not be the first tournament hosted at the new sports complex. According to Andrei Peregoudov, basketball and hockey players will be able to use the facility in full scope already in 2018/2019. “Everything is almost ready to host the 2019 Euroleague Final Four at the VTB Arena in Moscow,” said Andrei Peregoudov. “We are sure that this document will be an important step forward towards the basketball and general sports popularization not only in Russia but the entire European continent.

Another important document was signed the next day – the long-term agreement between CJSC “MC “Dynamo” and the Roscongress Foundation providing that all Roscongress Foundation multi-discipline events will be held at the multi-functional Sports and Concert/Entertainment Complex VTB Arena. According to Director of Roscongress Foundation Alexander Stuglev, “VTB Arena Park is a unique venue for various major events in the sphere of business, politics and sports.”

The same symbolic effect was also created by the principal agreement between CJSC “MC “Dynamo” and Eventica, an international strategic communication agency officially certified by the Russia -2018 Organizing Committee for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The agreement was signed by Andrei Peregoudev and Sergey Kolyshev, the founder of Eventica. The parties have agreed a joint organization for the key unofficial event of the 2018 FIFA World Cup at VTB Arena Park: the match of all celebrities (supported by Natalia Vodianova), the festival titled Russia Loves Football and many others.

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