Time left for the first
match at "Dinamo"

Sergey Sobyanin inspected development progress of VTB Arena – Dynamo Central stadium project

Andrei Peregoudov, Project Director, Senior Vice-President of JSC VTB Bank, greeted visitors next to the retained historical West stand of the stadium. He presented project visualization to the city authorities with due regard to the proposed improvements. These adjustments were induced by removal of the arena from the list of the stadiums where FIFA World Football Cup 2018 matches are planned to take place.

With capacity reduction up to 27 000 people our stadium will become cozier, consistent, fit in the boundaries of the legendary wall which is due to be recreated in its original form. This high-end sports center will be located almost in the centre of Moscow and we will be able to host football and hockey matches, basketball games and entertainment events. We want to meticulously plan everything so that we can achieve proper result” – emphasized Mr. Peregoudov.   

He also noticed that redesign stage lasted for more than half of the year and is due to be finished in May. Construction works are scheduled for summer so opening in 2017 is quite a realistic date.

Moscow mayor in his turn mentioned the significance of the project for the city and asked to avoid protraction of the implementation process.  “I’m not call for rush, but we have to speed up design and construction works. This is particularly important bearing in mind construction pace of Petrovsky park subway station nearby.

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