Time left for the first
match at "Dinamo"

Precisely one year before the meeting at Dynamo!

Precisely in one year, October 22th, 2017, on the birthday anniversary of the great Dynamo goalkeeper Lev Yashin, the first test match will be held at the resurrected Dynamo Stadium after its reconstruction. Precisely in one year, the European sports map will get another new and unique facility that will have no analogues in the entire world – it will be an ultra-modern, innovative and multi-functional facility that received several prestigious international awards at the construction phase, including MIPIM and Urban Awards.

The project team has big plans: the Dynamo Stadium has all chances to become a major attraction for football fans during the 2018 FIFA World Cup, the facility is also planned to host the EuroLeague Final Four basketball championship, the Kremlin Cup and Davis Cup tennis tournaments, figure skating, hockey tournaments and concerts of world pop stars…

Nine calendar years will be separating the first test match and the last match before closure betweeb Dynamo and Tom. However, the actual VTB Arena Park project, including reconstruction of the old Dynamo Stadium, started only four years ago and the civil works fully started in June 2014 – it is just a little more than two years. In this period, almost all concrete and steel installation works have been completed for the Stadium and the Arena; the installation of bearing steel structures for the roof and grandstands of the Stadium and the Arena is almost completed; the installation of escalators and lifts has been started; the restoration and adjustment of the historic Western Grandstand have also been completed.

The project execution is actively supported by Dynamo veterans and fans. They were participating in such symbolic and memorable events as leaving a message to the future generations of Dynamo participants, traditional Dynamo clean-up Saturdays, fundraising races “the Dynamo mile”. All that surely helps to build a close unity inside the Dynamo community and gives a positive and festive spirit in expectation of the first test match in the Stadium in October 2017.

A separate chapter in our activity is dedicated to memorialization of the great goalkeeper Lev Yashin, whose name is given to the Stadium. Our project is a partner in the production of a film called “Lev Yashim. The goalkeeper of my dream”. As part of behind the scenes documentary, Lev Yashin’s widow Valentina Timofeevna met the world football legends: Bobby Charlton, an English football player, and Sandro Mazzola, an Italian football player, who said many cordial words about the goalkeeper of Dynamo and the USSR National Team.

VTB Arena Park: facts and figures

VTB Arena park is a project of complex territory development that includes the construction of the Multifunctional Sports and Concert/Entertainment Complex (VTB Arena and Dynamo Central Stadium), the Dynamo Sports Academy, Arena Park residential area and the Dynamo Sports Park. The area of the project under construction is about 32 ha.

Dynamo Central Stadium was built in 1928. Since then, it was extended several times and reconstructed two times: before the 1980 Olympic Games and before the 1998 World Youth Games. Today, the Dynamo Central Stadium is undergoing the largest reconstruction in its history. Instead of the old stadium there will be a new Sports and Concert/Entertainment Complex that will comprise the Dynamo Central Stadium named after Lev Yashin, the mixed-use arena, the recreation and entertainment center, the Dynamo Society Museum and an underground parking.

The football stadium will be able to accommodate about 27 thousand people. The first match on the renovated Dynamo Stadium is scheduled for October 22nd, 2017 – Lev Yashin’s birthday.

Capacities of the mixed-use arena:
11,500 seats – hockey configuration;
approximately 13,000 seats – basketball configuration
14,000 seats – concert configuration.

Total area of the recreation and entertainment center: 30,000 square meters.
Underground parking: 720 parking spaces

The VTB Arena Park project also includes construction of the Dynamo Sports Academy, landscaping of 8 ha of the Dynamo Sports Park and construction of the Arena Park residential area.

The Dynamo Sports Academy is designed as an athletic training complex with a total area approximately 58,000 square meters and includes two hockey rinks, a gymnastics hall, gym halls for combat sports, squash, team sports, fencing, and a medical recovery center.
Underground parking: 820 parking spaces.

The Arena Park residential area consists of 13 buildings, including Dynamo Society headquarters, hotel Hyatt Regency Moscow Petrovsky Park with 297 guest rooms and 56 luxury class furnished apartments, 4 office buildings and 6 apartment buildings. The total area of over 1000 apartments is above 190,000 square meters, three office buildings are from 9,000 to 12,000 square meters and one office building is almost 39,000 square meters. The parking under the sports part of VTB Arena Park and the residential area will be able to accommodate up to 4000 cars. The ground floors of the buildings will be occupied by coffee shops, banks, retail facilities, communal services and amenities, leisure and education centers for children.

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