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Official statement of press centre: “The West stand of Dynamo stadium will be retained and restored”

In response to misinformation published by Mr. Shprygin on the 13th of June in social networks and online media which alleged that demolition of the historical West stand of Dynamo stadium is started or going to be started, we are affirming that:

Demolition of the West stand of Dynamo stadium by VTB Arena park, developer of the project, was not ever planned. According to the project the historical part of the wall which is a cultural heritage and which is protected by the state. As per the project the West stand will be renovated in accordance with the approved facility under protection and within the approved documentation. All statements regarding what is referred to as “demolition” of the retained part of Dynamo stadium wall are a lie. What’s more it hinders development and damages reputation of the project. 

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