Time left for the first
match at "Dinamo"

NewGeneral contractor for VTB Arena-Dynamo Central Stadium reconstruction engages in the intensive activities.

The Italian company Codest International S.r.L. which has been contracted with CJSC “MC “Dynamo” – the developer of VTB Arena park project– forexecution of the construction works on the project’s sports partreached an active stage of the project implementation. General contractor has already begun foundation slab concrete pouring. Next phase of concrete pouring is planned for the 19th and 20th of July. The reinforcement works forming an integral part of the concrete pouring preparatory worksare currently being carried out. Codest company intends to proceed with the foundation slabconcrete pouringof the future stadium according to the schedule: 2000 cu.m. per week. Completion of the foundation works of the future stadium and arena is scheduled for the end of October, 2014.

It is worth mentioning that despite replacement щаthe general contractor the project’s deadlines remain unchanged. The date of the 1st match on the Dynamo Central Stadium is unaltered – October, 2017. Let us recall that termination of the contract for the sports part construction with the preceding general contractor, VINCI Construction Grands Project, was initiated byVTB Arena park management due to the lack of any significant progress on the construction site. Prior to engagement of a new general contractor in the projectand launch of the extensive work, in order to meet the deadlines of the construction the developer of VTB Arena park projecthas startedthe groundwork for foundation slab pouringand mechanization of the construction site. In particular the following works werebeing conducted: detailed design, sand base arrangement and concrete blinding, waterproofing for the foundation slab, piles and foundations forthe tower cranes. Codest company undertakesto finish the foundation slab casting at an accelerated pace as pera tighter schedule of works execution. The timeof construction works completion is stipulated in the contract with the new general contractor, Codestconstruction company,that is October, 2017.

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