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MSU and USTU entered semi-final ISBL Cup

After the first round of ISBL Cup, MSU basketball team from Moscow and USTU team from Ukhta are going to continue their competition for the main prize – participation in EuroLeague Final Four.

The opening round of the fifth ISBL season was held in Ukhta October 14th through 16th and identified two frontrunners: MSU and USTU. After the initial games, the hosting team showed better results than Kirov (78:61), and the team from Moscow won the game with EULS team from Estonia (96:76).

In the game MSU vs USTUВ, the hosting team almost worked a true magic winning back 16 out of 20-score handicap. However, the end of the game was in favor of the main university of Russia, as well as the technical victory of this round.

The weekend closing game happened to be the most intense, where USTU was trying to win from Tartu team the second pass into the semi-final round. The Estonians were losing during the entire game but they managed a breakthrough one minute before the end of the game when the score showed 63:63.

The crucial attack was undertaken by USTU forward Marko Miletich, who made an outside shot fighting the resistance – Ukhta goes further.

Sergey Kozlov, the center player of MSU (Moscow), was acknowledged as MVP of the first round of ISBL Cup.

ISBL President Andrei Peregoudov:

- I would like to congratulate the both teams, MSU and USTU, with the entrance into the semi-final round of ISBL Cup. All games in the first round were bright, dynamic and interesting, and the final results of each game were unclear to last minutes keeping the fans worried until the final attack was over.

Additionally, I would like to thank the management of Ukhta State Technical University and its Rector Nikolay Denisovich Tskhadaya for the high quality of ISBL Cup organization.

ISBL season has officially started. I congratulate all participants and fans with this event! The second tour is coming next – this time in Georgia!

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