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MIPIM 2017: Trends and forecasts from VTB Arena Park

March 13-17, 2017, France – Cannes hosted MIPIM, one of the most reputable international real estate forums. Senior Vice President of VTB Bank, the head of VTB Arena Park project Andrei Peregoudov – on the major trends of the global development market and their projection in the Russian real estate.

Investments into our life are the most successful investments. Transforming square meters into a new high-quality city environment is the main trend in the Russian real estate market.

Moscow today is a big megalopolis and ot needs an integral approach to its territory development. Creating a city inside the city, an agglomeration with its own infrastructure is highly demanded in the Moscow market. The citizens have an urgent need to manage their time more efficiently, to have a high-quality habitat and a good neighborhood community. Schools, kindergartens, restaurants, sports playgrounds, shops, cozy and spacious courtyards – the more upscale and elaborated the design is, the more successful the project will be. The VTB Arena Park project is expected to satisfy all these requirements with proper attention to all its integral parts. Even such a big sports complex as the Dynamo Stadium and the multipurpose VTB Arena Hall in close proximity to the residential buildings will not harm the comfort of its residents – the Petrovsky Park with all its trees preserved will become a sufficient soundproof cushion.

We can clearly see the globsl urbanization trend. By 2013, our planet will have 41 cities over 10 million citizens each (currently there are 28 such cities). 65% of the population will live in cities, which is 3.9 billion people (comparing to the current 1.6 billion). Therefore, we can see an obvious trend of reducing the apartment sizes and office spaces (in 2000, there were approximately 25 square meters per one person; in 2020, there will be only 14 square meters per one person).

All these factors make many citizens of the world megalopolises chose smaller “18-hour” cities. But in Russia, unfortunately, it is still quite complicated to materialize such an idea – Moscow is remaining to be a city where comfortable housing and work places are both in demand despite the urban growth and higher compaction. This was exactly the first priory task of the VTB Arena Park project.

Creativity, as the main approach in the urban environment design. The consumers are already quite experienced. Moscow is a giant megalopolis which has been developing randomly and is often not very comfortable for its citizens. While at the previous MIPIM forums Russian developers and investors were speaking first of all about survival in the city, this time, thanks to the city authorities, they were more discussing the comfort and quality of non-standard design solutions: embankment landscaping, creative development of industrial areas, complex social facilities, parks competing in fashion appeal, friendliness and unique services that could be enjoyed by their visitors… The development projects now have a more improved concept, they form integral and style-consistent urban clusters: the city history, sports, art, natural landscape or exaggerated industrial landscape – these ideas are utilized as key factors in the residential housing marketing. There is not just a high supply of houses but most such projects are really sophisticated and of a very high quality – the competition serves for the benefit of Moscow making our city a true global capital. The Dynamo Stadium and VTB Arena Hall are our jewels, the examples of our creative approach to a unique sports project. The both arenas, one for 27,000 people and the other for 11,000 people correspondingly, stand on a common foundation, raised 10 meters above the ground and have a large retail area underneath and an underground parking.

The environmental safety of real estate facilities is a world market requirement and we have carefully considered this requirement in the VTB Arena Park project. We have initiated the certification process for our office buildings under two certification systems: LEED (US) and BREAM (UK).

The development of the real estate market for elderly people – building high-quality adult communities in accordance with the Western standards with well-planned apartments, common-use areas, medical service and entertainment infrastructure. This sphere is extremely underdeveloped in Russia and it requires our serious attention.

Residential housing with a high-quality interior finishing is an essential customers’ expectation and the strong feature of the 2nd residential building in our project. The customers will receive high-quality apartments and the only thing to do will be putting the furniture and accessories.

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