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Merkulov bas-reliefs will be assembled from approximately 6 thousand pieces for the Dynamo Stadium

The restored Merkurov bas-reliefs are being glued together from 4-6 thousand pieces and fragments. This information was received by the City News Agency “Moscow” from Inna Pchelova, the head of the bas-relief restoration.

“From four to six thousand fragments are being glued together. We are currently coming closer to the middle of the restoration process that is planned to be finished by this Autumn. Afterwards, we will start making a copy of the bas-reliefs which will be decorating the exterior of the Stadium, while the original bas-reliefs will stay in the museum,” said Inna Pchelova.

Earlier, Inna Pchelova informed the City News Agency “Moscow” that there were 137 dismantled bas-relief parts and they were kept in 126 boxes. Three fragments out of the total amount would have to be recreated from scratch using new materials because it was impossible to save the original fragments due to their complete destruction. She noted that the historical bas-reliefs, created by Sergey Merkurov, had suffered from weather conditions and from the recent incorrect attempts to restore and repair them.

The experts are restoring the bas-reliefs that had been decorating the entrance porches of the Northern and Southern stands of the Dynamo Stadium for almost 80 years. The VTB Arena Park project includes the reconstruction of the Stadium, construction of the Dynamo Sports Academy and multifunctional city block with a hotel, offices and apartments. After the reconstruction, the Stadium will be able to accommodate approximately 27 spectators.

Starting the installation of color facades of the Dynamo Stadium in May.

Sergey Tsybin, Director for Construction, informed the City News Agency “Moscow” that the installation of color facades of the Dynamo Stadium is scheduled for May.

“Today we have started the Stadium roof installation. The installation of color facades is planned to be started after one month,” said Sergey Tsybin.

He also noted that the Stadium is expected to be ready for the first test match in September.

“We have recently finished the installation of the main structures and reached the maximum height of our building, which is 55 meters – equivalent to an 18-storey building. Now we are starting the roof installation. The total weight of all steel structures of the Stadium and the Arena together is approximately 8.5 thousand tons; 85% of them have been installed in the Arena and 100% in the Stadium. This week we have started to prepare the football field foundation. We have also completed the installation of all concrete structures, which is approximately 130 thousand cubic meters,” added Sergey Tsybin.

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