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Letter «Д» inscribed in the very heart of the Stadium will bring triumphs to Dynamo

Graffiti in the form of a huge letter «Д» – the club emblem – appeared on the abuilding Dynamo football Stadium located at Leningradskoe Highway. This event was initiated by the management of VTB Arena park project in the frame of which the construction of the Stadium is carried out.

“Today we’re going to participate in the unprecedented event: gigantic letter “Д” which symbolizes the club will emerge on the foundation of Dynamo Stadium football pitch. In a while, a football turf will be laid over the letter, which I believe would become a turfgrass of triumphs for Dynamo football club and national team,” observes Mr. Peregoudov, VTB Arena park project Head.

The symbol of the team covers the area of approx100 m2. In order to draw the picture, graffiti artists used 40 cans of spray paint (which is approximately 16 litres). Mr. Peregoudov pointed out that the construction of the Stadium is being carried out right on schedule. Stands concrete casting will be completed by the end of 2015.

“Concrete works at the Stadium will be finished by the end of the year. Shortly afterwards steel structures shall be starting to get installed, along the western perimeter in particular, where the historic wall was underpinned,” – added Mr. Peregoudov. 

We offer you to enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the letter “Д” – Dynamo sports society symbol – that has been drawn on the concrete foundation of the future football pitch of our Stadium. 

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