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Legendary football player Diego Maradona appreciating the scale of the Dynamo Stadium construction

The global football star Diego Maradona has visited the legendary Dynamo Stadium named after Lev Yashin during his Moscow visit and appreciated the scale of construction work as a part of the VTB Arena Park project.

Senior Vice-President of VTB Bank and the head of the project Andrei Peregoudov greeted the guest in Spanish at the headquarters and showed him the project miniature model.

“This is the oldest stadium among the currently existing stadiums in Moscow,” said Mr. Peregoudov, “this is the place were Lev Yashin became a world famous goalkeeper and the Dynamo Society wrote its glorious history. We have preserved the historical Western Tribune of the stadium and improved its façade. So, the sports complex will perfectly fit into the current district environment.”

The Argentinian football player got acquainted with the stadium construction progress and studied the miniature model of the future sports park. “It is an amazing stadium,” shared his impression Diego Maradona. “When I started playing football, we could not even imagine anything like this. I want to believe that such a modern facility will help you to bring back the glory of the Russian football. You have all capabilities for that. I hope to see a football match at this field in the nearest future. I am sure it will be really impressive, same as this tremendous stadium.”

Mr. Maradona left his message in the Dynamo book of honored guests and received memorable gifts. The gifts included a bottle of wine called “Lev Yashin No. 1”, a samovar, an old-time souvenir ball in the 1950s style and a traditional Russian round loaf.

In the evening the guest participated in the gala dinner organized in his honor by the newspaper Soviet Sport, the agency Eventica and the social movement “Russia loves football” with the support of VTB Arena Park. “I was very tired when I arrived here. It was a flight from Cuba, a tough flight. But it is a huge pleasure to speak with the Soviet Sport, the social movement “Russia loves football” as well as the representatives of the VTB Arena Park project. Russia is a very welcoming country! Coming here is my pleasure. In Russia, I immediately started to feed rested,” said Diego Maradona.

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