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The International Student Basketball League has closed its fifth final season. It is symbolical that the same days the Russian female basketball team won the 2017 FIBA Under-19 Women’s Basketball World Cup hosted in Italy. In the final match, the Russian girls won from USA team 86:82. The talented youngsters’ results are proving that the active work and development of student basketball leagues is really important.

The International Student Basketball League (ISBL) has closed its fifth final season. The team from the Tallinn Technical University (TTU) became the third-time winner who, at their home court, left behind the competitors from the International University (Klaipeda, Lithuania), Ukhta State Technical University (Ukhta, Russia) and M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University (Moscow, Russia). It is interesting that during the 5-year history of ISBL, apart from Lithuanian team, the competition was won twice by the basketball players from the Moscow State Academy of Physical Culture located in Malakhovka, Moscow Region, who missed the last Final Four.

The history of ISBL started in October 2012. Totally 26 student teams from Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan and China participated in the first ISBL season. In the second season, the number of teams increased up to 38 including the teams from the UK, Serbia, Belarus, Latvia and Georgia. In the 2014-2015 season, the event grew to the format of ISBL CUP.

The ISBL board of trustees included: Vice –Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, Minister of Justice Alexander Konovalov, Minister of Energy Alexander Novak, Minister of Sport Pavel Kolobkov, First Deputy President/Chairman of VTB Bank Vasily Titov, President of Asteros Yury Byakov, President of United VTB League Sergey Kuschenko, Olympic champion Sergey Tarakanov.

ISBL arranged the following notable events: matches at the Red Square and the Trafalgar Square, the match of young BRICS politicians in Kazan, the match between the IBSL collective team and the team from the South Alabama University in Barcelona. The witnesses will always remember the matches in Tbilisi and Belgrade that gathered 8,000 spectators each, full-house matches in Saratov, Ukhta, Kaliningrad, Kaunas. The ISBL matches are frequently visited by legendary sportsmen and prominent politicians: Sergey Belov, Ivan Edeshko, Jose Biryukov, Stanislav Eremin, Nikolay Deryugin, Modestas Paulauskas, Evgeny Gomelsky, Sergey Ivanov.

The ISBL events were broadcasted on federal TV channels and covered by all major mass media. The games were judged by the leadings judges and commissioners from ISBL-participating countries, including FIBA judges and commissioners.

“Maybe the main achievement of ISBL is the fact that the teams from 18 countries participated in its projects. During the 5-year history of ISBL, the efforts and enthusiasm of its management team, primarily Svetlana Abrosimova and Viktor Kravchenko, as well as the sponsorship headed by Asteros, turned ISBL into a prototype of the Euroleague for students deserving to earn more new glorious records. ISBL will probably continue its existence in the form of international subdivision of the Student Basketball Association,” noted Andrei Peregoudov, the President of ISBL, the head of VTB Arena Park and the Senior Vice President of VTB Bank.

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