Time left for the first
match at "Dinamo"


The Dynamo Stadium was opened on the 17th of August 1928 by a match between Belorussia and Switzerland at the First All-Union Spartakiad of USSR Nations. The stadium was the main sports arena of the country until 1956 when the Luzhniki Sports Complex started its operation. By the way, the first winners at the Dynamo Stadium were the Belarusians– 6:3. The construction of the Dynamo Stadium in the Petrovsky Park started in 1926.

This majestic building was designed by the architects Arkady Langman and Leonid Cherikover. By August 1928, there were 3 concrete grandstands erected: the Northern Grandstand, the Southern Grandstand and the Western Grandstand with the total capacity up to 25,000 spectators.

The first reconstruction of the Stadium and construction of the Eastern Grandstand started in Autumn 1934 and finished by early 1936. It allowed the stadium to increase the capacity up to 54,000 spectators.
In 1953, the Dynamo Stadium started hosting regular evening matches using electrical lighting. The first electronic scoreboard was also installed here in 1964.

The Stadium was one of the main arenas of the Moscow Olympics after a thorough reconstruction in 1977—1979. The Northern, Southern and Eastern Grandstands were dismantled and rebuilt anew. During the 1980 Summer Olympics, the Stadium hosted several football matches including the match for the third place, which was won by the USSR national football team.

In the late 1980s the Stadium started to host concerts. The most prominent among them were the concert of Deep Purple and Michael Jackson’s HIStory entertainment program that gathered above 70,000 spectators.

As part of the reconstruction in 1998 before the World Youth Games the football pitch was equipped with a heating system, plastic seats were installed on the Grandstands instead of wooden benches, which reduced the capacity to 36,000 people.

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