Time left for the first
match at "Dinamo"

First tier of stands completed at the Dynamo Stadium

On 23 December in the North Stands of the Dynamo Stadium named after Lev Yashin the workers with a flourish completed the first tier. Over fifty Dynamo fans and Dynamo veterans – Mikhail Skokov, Arkady Nikolaev, Aleksandr Makhovikov, Vladimir Dolbonosov and Valery Urin – came to watch this historical event.

VTB Bank Senior Vice President Andrei Peregoudov gave a speech at the celebration ceremony: “Even now it can be clearly seen that the stadium is shaping up as cozy and compact. The stands will go right to the pitch. One will be able to feel battle to the full. Previously the Dynamo Stadium had athletic tracks that separated spectators from the event on the football pitch. The quality of football watching at the renovated arena will be entirely different. In this respect we come closer to the classic English style. Spectators will actually become participants of the match and will not just observe the game from a distance. Personally, I am very glad to see how the arena is shaping up.”

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