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First in history fans’ crush test of spectator seats took place at the Dynamo Stadium under construction

The first in history professional fans’ crush test of spectator seats took place on 25 February at the Dynamo Stadium, which is currently under construction. The weakest item in the structure of basic spectator seats turned out to the clip fixing the seat to the rail, which was damaged by strong pinpoint blows from the back, while the seat itself passed all the tests.

One of the key requirements for the construction of modern sports facilities along with comfort is their resistance to vandal actions, therefore during the test the fans of Sport Club “Dynamo” were given an opportunity to find themselves a weak point in the seat structure.

“I will be right in saying that such a crush test has never been performed at our stadiums. We want to test whether basic seats are really reliable and good for ordinary fans before buying all these thousands of seats and installing them at the stadium to avoid unnecessary expenses for possible future repairs or full equipment reinstatement. Thus, thanks to the performed crush test we managed to save millions,” comments Andrei Peregoudov, VTB Bank Senior Vice President and Project Manager of VTB Arena park.

Mikhail Smirnov, Press Secretary of VTB Arena park, noted, “It is the first time such a test has been performed by the builders of sports facilities. And I am sure the data of this test will be interesting and useful for all manufacturers of such structures. We have turned to Fan Club “Dynamo” with a request to select five “fighters” who have seen hundreds of matches and lots of broken seats. Some of them weigh nearly 150 kg, wear combat boots and boots with toe caps. Such targeted “professional” blows cannot be received at any technological crush tests, which, as a rule, are performed right at manufacturing facilities. These seats have been tested today in the conditions simulating the real ones. Only one weak point has been detected. It is the bottom part of the fixture to the rail in case of a pinpoint blow to the seat back from behind. The plastic that the seats are made of proved to be very good and withstood the hail of blows. The information about the results of today’s test is already conveyed to the manufacturers. It will be taken into account for manufacturing future seats. Another crush test will take place in the near future.”

“The stands and the seats will have a 5-year warranty. This period will start upon the commissioning of the Dynamo Stadium on 22 October 2017, the birthday of a legendary Soviet goalkeeper Lev Yashin,” says Yury Pavlov, Managing Partner of CONCEPT.

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