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FC Dynamo fans’ concerns about VTB Arena – Dynamo Central Stadium are resolved

Reconstruction of the legendary Dynamo stadium evokes profound public interest: not only of football community but also of city dwellers who are not indifferent to the fate of the Stadium.  On the 23rd of August CJSC MC Dynamo executives met with representatives of FC Dynamo (Moscow) to share the latest news at first hand and have a look at the construction site so that the fans are aware what the renovated stadium would look like.    

The fans raised many questions that are of great concern for the football community. Firstly, the name of the renovated stadium. “The name of the stadium will remain unchanged – Dynamo Central stadium. Changing historical name is out of the question” – Sergey Tarkhanov, First Deputy General Director, CJSC Management Company Dynamo, stated.  “VTB Arena” will be the name for the Small Arena that shares the roof with Dynamo stadium.

The second urgent question is the capacity of the West stand that historically allocated Dynamo fans: what is the ratio of seats for the guests and Dynamo fans who are considered home team. “Fans’ requirements will be taken into account” – assured Sergey Shamanov, First Deputy General Director of CJSC Management Company Dynamo. - Our company intends to keep the balance during reconstruction: to combine historical background of the stadium, current technical requirements to the facilities of this kind and recent high-end technologies.

The fans asked to incorporate one of their representatives into the workshop so that he could influence the construction progress bearing in mind interests of spectators. 

It was decided that a candidate will be introduced to the project administration within 2 weeks. All visitors were able to make sure with their own eyes that the process is underway. In coming days the construction team is expected to receive an approval the stadium historical wall foundation reinforcement. These works will be started in September. In January we’re planning to pour concrete for a foundation and on this very place there will be a concrete slab – the foundation for the renovated stadium. Then the historical wall will be restored, several parts of the wall will be reconstructed later in accordance with the laser measurements which were made prior to dismantling. Bas-reliefs which embellished the stadium will be returned to their place. In addition the project of Dynamo renovated museum will be developed.

The 22nd of October 2017 is the date when it will be possible to see the stadium in its full splendor as this very day the first home game will take place. And this home match fans will be able to attend together with their families as the project envisages entertainment and leisure complex – very convenient for spending free time right before and after the match with their families.

Online broadcasting was provided specially for those who wish to follow the construction progress – a camera with wide-field of view of the construction site will be hung on one of the neighboring buildings.

Other vital questions were also discussed during this meeting, among them: security issues, entrance lobby parameters, anticipated proportion between commercial and sports parts of Dynamo stadium. Whole range of issues was related to historical value of the facility: both architectural components and museum.

Sergey Shamanov stated: “The fact that the stadium is a landmark affected the construction and renovation progress. We have the whole book of instructions describing standards for the doors, windows and of course necessity for preserving such historical values as Merkulov’s bass-reliefs. Museum exhibits have been moved to a safe place.

VTB Arena park executives intend to keep in touch with representatives of Dynamo Football society. Meetings of this kind will be held on a regular basis.

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