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On July 17 Dynamo Central Stadium being built within VTB Arena park project was officially named after Lev Yashin, the renowned goalkeeper. The required consent to the use of his name was signed on Friday by his widow – Ms. Valentina T. Yashina.

Grand ceremony marking the signature of the agreement on naming Dynamo Central football
football Stadium, which is due to be opened to the public on October 22, 2017, after Lev Yashin, was held on Friday at the site next to the abuilding stands of the future Stadium. Besides, the memorial plaque in tribute to the great goalie was attached to the famous Stadium historic wall which destined to become a part of the new sports complex. The representatives of VTB Arena Park project, Dynamo Society (All-Russia Society of Sports and Physical Training “Dynamo”), FC Dynamo Fan club and Dynamo veterans took part in the event.

Ms. Valentina Yashina: “I’m eagerly awaiting the revival of a handsome Stadium – the cradle of the epoch of Lev Yashin who brought fame to our football back in the day.” Mr. Andrei Peregoudov, Senior Vice-President of JSC VTB Bank, VTB Arena park project Head: “Right from the start of the project in our midst this Stadium has been going by the name of Lev Yashin, it could not have been otherwise: it is his Stadium and it is his name that the glorious victories in our history of football game and sport as a whole are associated with. The obtainment of the permission for the use of his name is a great honour and a colossal responsibility as the Stadium should measure up to the unforgettable wins of the great footballer, sustain the spirit of Dynamo historical traditions and become the ground for the future sportive triumphs.”

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