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Dynamo sports park concept design contest

CJSC VTB Arena announces architectural contest for Dynamo sports park concept design within the confines of VTB Arena park project. 

Park is an interlink between several residential areas in Dynamo district stretching along from Leningradsky prospekt to Dynamo stadium which is under reconstruction, Sports Academy being designed and residential area that is being built. 

Dynamo Sports park was designed by the architect Lazar Cherikover in 1934 concurrently with the start of Dynamo stadium reconstruction. In accordance with the architect’s intention the park with its sports grounds and facilities became logical extension of the new big stadium with the capacity of more than 50 000 people. Park gained popularity with city dwellers and turned into iconic venue for sports enthusiasts and adherents of healthy living. 

Among preserved picturesque alleys of Petrovsky park former landscape of the XIX century, amid flower gardens, fountains and mesomorph sculptures such a beloved by all in soviet times emerged from behind of green foliage there were equipped tennis courts, boxing ring, volleyball courts and “Gorodki” playgrounds. 

By World Youth and Student Festival of 1957 and 1980th Olympic games the park was altered, reconstructed, filled up with massive sports facilities and gradually...  diminished in size.

Physical education as well as sport moved to indoor courts, arenas and sports halls. Little by little the idea that was behind the creation of the park was forgotten and almost disappeared. The park almost fell into decay: emerged as green oasis filled with alive and gypseous athletes it became the transit area which is used by citizens in our days to shorten the way to the subway station.

And now we have a unique chance to put the clock back and return its original sports mission of the Sports park, to make it welcoming, lively and safe.

As a matter of fact it is virtually the only place in Dynamo district where it is possible to do exercise  in the open air or simply stroll around the area surrounded by ancient trees.

The goal of the contest is to get new approaches to development of this area as part of the concept which is unusual for Moscow.

The park belongs to Moscow sights and that entails restrictions and commitment we ought to undertake.

In different parts of the park there are secular trees of significant value, sculptures, fountain remnants and other facilities. 

The experts held historical researches of the area from the first day of Petrovsky park existence in 1828 to the present day. Furthermore dendrological studies were conducted and detailed maps were made, current standing of the trees reports were recorded with reference to their age and historical value of the trees.

Contestants had to effectively combine contemporary trends and historical background, to invent ways of coexistence of these two overlapping tendencies: historical part and modernity bearing in mind the needs of all citizens including physically impaired. 

The list of participants was compiled by the Organising committee with assistance of the Expert Council consisting of project organizations with considerable experience in design of urban public and park areas. 

 The final list was as follows:

1. “Wowhaus” bureau of architecture and design

2. “Buromoscow” architectural urban development company

3. Yauzaproject architectural urban development company in association with Alexander Konstantinov – architect and painter

4. “Pole-design” Architectural-design bureau

5. “Praktika” architectural bureau.

Information about the contest:

Type: closed

Dates: 22nd of April till 1st of July 2013

Contest entry date – until 5th of June 2013

On the 21st of May at 7 pm public excursion around Dynamo district and park will take place. Everyone is invited.

On the 22nd of May in Central House of Artists during ArchMoscow-2013 as part of “Green Moscow” exhibition there will be held an exposition dedicated to Dynamo Sports park.

 Since 22nd of May to 10th of June there will be a display of lengthy and proud history of the project. And from 10th till 30 of June renewed exposition will give an opportunity to the contestants to share new ideas of park improvement. Public discussion is also planned for one of these dates.

Contest results will be summarized on the 25th of June 2013 during press-conference. The winner will be determined by the Panel which in its turn formed by Organising committee and approved by the Expert Council no later than 25th of May 2013.

Information about the participants of the Organizing Committee and the Expert Council of the contest

The Expert Council includes professionals in the area of architectural history:

Tatyana P. Kudryavtseva – architectural associate, State expert on the cultural heritage preservation; Mikhail Korobko –historian of architecture, expert in Moscow studies, publicist; Denis Romodin – expert in Moscow studies, historian of architecture.


Juliy Borisov founder and chief architect of UNK-project architectural bureau;

Konstantin Khodnev General manager of DNK architectural group, member of Environmentally Sustainable Council.

Architectural reviewers:  

Elena Gonzalez – architectural reviewer, supervisor of Architecture Biennale exposition in Moscow;

Alexey Muratov – Chief editor of “Proekt Rossiya” magazine.

Egor Korobeynikov - urbanist, UrbanUrban.ru project leader, a member of the City Council for Public Spaces;

Danila Medvedev – futurologist.

Landscape design professionals:

Karina Lazareva – President of “Guild landscape industry professionals” National Association;
Natalia Sazonova – “Gorod sad” group of companies General Manager , Director of Dutch company “City garden B.V.”;

Alexey Rudko – Deputy General Manager of “Eco Green” LLC.

Physical education and sports experts:

Stepan Goniyants –  Head of the Chair of methodology of physical education complex forms at Russian State University of Physical education, Sports, Youth and Tourism;

Elena Kuzmicheva – Professor of Management Faculty  of Russian State University of Physical education, Sports, Youth and Tourism;

Vladimir Pilguy – silver medalist of Europe Football Championship of 1972, bronze medalist of 1972 and 1980 Olympic games (Dynamo Football Club and USSR National Football team).

Leaders of Youth Sports movements:

Anton Kuchumov –  Head of Workout Association;

Vladimir Egorov – Head of “PK People” NGO, professional  in parkour grounds arrangement.

 Nadezhda Valentinovna Lobanova – Moscow branch Chairman of All-Russian Association of the physically challenged.

Contest Organizing committee consists of representatives of CJSC VTB Arena, contest supervisor, architect Ilya Mukosey (“Planar” architectural bureau), project coordinators – Julia Zinkevich and Ekaterina Artemyeva  (“Pravila Obshcheniya” communications agency).

Web-site of the project: www.park-dinamo.ru

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