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Contest winners for the best concept design for Dynamo park are announced

Two architectural teams: “Praktika” bureau and joint team of Alexander Konstantinov and Ilya Zalivukhin won the contest dedicated to the concept design of Dynamo park within the framework of VTB Arena park project.  

Among other contestants there were Wowhaus, Buromoscow and Pole-design architectural teams.

“We didn’t find ideal picture in any of the proposed projects. In any case it should be a development with assistance of architects” – stated Andrei Peregoudov, Senior Vice-President of JSC VTB Bank, VTB Arena park Project Director. “We undertook a landmark project, one of the most beautiful and impressive ones in the whole Europe. Therefore, we have to create something really special – something one-of-a-kind. This open contest gave us a chance to familiarize with all ideas for further park development and visions of the future look of the park upon completion in 2017. We wanted to have all aspects of the project included in the brainstorm: from jogging track around the park to the sports zone”.

The architect of “Praktika” bureau Grigory Guryanov says that their project “Dynamo machine” envisages creation of green space comprised of the Stadium, subway station and Dynamo Sports Academy set up as an integrated space. Architects are also planning to construct a bicycle trace extended for 2 km in lengh and build up a pedestrian overpass from Dynamo metro station to the residential area. Hardscape elements are due to be present as well, particularly, victory podia could serve as the benches.

Konstantinov said in his turn that his team took two elements as a basis: “motion” as people come to the park for sports activities and strolling around and “air” which is of vital need for everyone and which urban dweller is always short of. These principles gave the name to the project – “Motion and air”. “It is crucial to retain existent trees, grass and land” – he mentioned. Konstantinov proposes to make a path fenced from the city fuss by green belts. He added that paved pathways should have graphic and signage system to direct visitors of the park.

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