Time left for the first
match at "Dinamo"

A memorable capsule with a message to the succeeding generations of Dynamo sportsmen was laid in the foundation of the Dynamo Stadium historic West stand on the territory of VTB Arena park project.

Mr. Andrei L. Kostin, President and Chairman of VTB Bank Management Board, Mr. Vladimir E. Pronichev, Chairman of All-Russia Society of Sports and Physical Training "Dynamo”, Mr. Sergey V. Stepashin, Head of the FC Dynamo Supervisory Board, Mr. Andrei N. Peregoudov, VTB Bank Senior vice-president and VTB Arena park project director, veterans of the Dynamo sports society and fans took part in the solemn ceremony.

It is a hand-made capsule performed as a football of 22 cm in diameter and made of a copper alloy with an aluminum coating. The event is timed to coincide with the launch of the active construction stage on the site of the Dynamo Stadium reconstruction.

The first football match is scheduled at the Stadium for October 22, 2017, Lev Yashin’s birthday.

The Dynamo Stadium is part of VTB Arena park project that includes construction of a mixed-use Sports and Entertainment Complex (“VTB Arena” and Dynamo Central Stadium), Dynamo Sports Academy, Arena Park City Block and Dynamo Sports Park. Total project area is about 32 ha.


The first part of the Dynamo Stadium was erected in 1928, since then the Stadium was rebuilt several times and reconstructed twice – an extensive renovation was performed in the run-up to the 1980 Olympics, the last one before being closed – on the eve of the 1998 World Youth Games. Nowadays ‘Dynamo” is experiencing the most extensive reconstruction in its history – the scale and the challenges are more serious and impressive now.

In 2010 the process of redevelopment is undertaken by VTB Bank. An efficient management team is gathered. For development of the concept that was to improve the functionality of the stadium and its performance indicators in 2011 the international architectural bureau Manica Architecture, headed by the American architect David Manica, possessing experience in the design of the largest state-of-the-art stadiums around the world is engaged into the project. In the course of the project implementation it was decided to resort to innovative ideas in the world of sports venues.

The renovated stadium will be unique due to the fact that it will accommodate the football stadium and multifunctional sports arena under one roof. Dynamo Sports Society Museum, a leisure and entertainment complex as well as an underground parking will be located here as well. The roof will be made of special material permitting light through. The total seating capacity of the football stadium will be about 27 000 seats and the seating capacity of the multifunctional arena will be about 11 500 up to 14 000 depending on its configuration - hockey, basketball or concert. There will be a tremendous screen placed on the West facade facing Leningradsky prospekt.

The priority task of the developer is to preserve and restore the historic West wall of the Stadium, which since 1987 has the status of an architectural monument. Thus, special attention will be given to the restoration of the bas-reliefs of the outstanding Soviet sculptor Sergei Merkurov that more than 80 years decorated porticos of the North and South stands.

Therefore, the "Dynamo" stadium will turn into a multifunctional complex "VTB Arena - "Dynamo" Central Stadium” and it will be the most leading-edge area in the city in terms of the techniques used.

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