Time left for the first
match at "Dinamo"



VTB Arena Park – one year before the opening. Friendly words

VTB Arena Park is a unique project of multifunctional territory development awarded with prestigious international awards.


Precisely one year before the meeting at Dynamo!

Precisely in one year, October 22th, 2017, on the birthday anniversary of the great Dynamo goalkeeper Lev Yashin, the first test match will be held at the resurrected Dynamo Stadium after its reconstruction.


“Black spider” on a grape vine

Or how the victory of the USSR national team with Lev Yashin as a goalkeeper over Argentina in Buenos Aires 55 years ago gave births to a “football wine” in honor of the great goalkeeper.


Dynamo Stadium: one year before launch

Andrei Peregoudov’s online interview about reconstructed Dynamo Stadium


MSU and USTU entered semi-final ISBL Cup

After the first round of ISBL Cup, MSU basketball team from Moscow and USTU team from Ukhta are going to continue their competition for the main prize – participation in EuroLeague Final Four.

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