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The announcement of the contest results for the best concept design of “Dynamo” boulevard

The architectural contest dedicated to the development of the design concept for the boulevard near Dynamo Stadium (“Dynamo” boulevard) is over: on February 26 during “Interfax” press conference the authors of the winning design concepts were unveiled. The contest was announced by the developer of VTB Arena park project in September 2014 and was held in association with Moscow School of Architecture (MARCH).

The participants of this contest were MARCH students. As a part of the contest the studio of architectural design “Leningradka Embankment” was organized in MARCH, headed by contest supervisor Mr. Ilya Mukosey. “Leningradka Embankment” became a logical sequel to Dynamo Physical Culture and Sports Park concept design Contest which was conducted by developer of VTB Arena park project last year.

Over 2014 – 2015 fall semester of the academic year 13 students of the studio have scrutinized the difficulties related to “Dynamo” boulevard and adjacent unused area beneath the overpass and, as a result, presented their projects on the improvement of this abandoned and vacant area of the city. After the academic defense of the projects which took place on January 27th in MARCH, contest supervisor and tutors of the MARCH school sorted out the best 7 projects which fully explore the subject matter and presented them to the judging panel of the contest for further consideration. The judging panel meeting was held on February 12th in the following composition:

Mr. Shamanov S.P., First Deputy General Director, CJSC “MC “Dynamo” (VTB Arena park developer)

Ms. Dedinskaya T.P., Deputy Head of “Aeroport” District Council in charge of trading and service issues

Mr. Tchoban S.E., architect, Managing Partner of SPEECH architectural bureau

Mr. Mamleev O.R., professor of MARKHI , Moscow Institute of Architecture (State Academy), MARCH architectural school and International Academy of Architecture, member of Architectural Association (AA) School of Architecture (London, UK)

Mr. Voskresensky A.A., Editor in Chief of “Kommersant-Dom” magazine

Mr. Saprykin Y.G., journalist, former Editor in Chief of “Afisha” magazine

Mr. Borisov Y.V., co-founder of “UNK project” architectural bureau

Mr. Nikitin S.A., urban historian, Founding Director of “MosKultProg” and “Velonotte”

Ms. Zvyagintseva M.L., artist and curator of public art projects.

The outcome of the judging panel discussions was declared at the press conference with the Contest organizers and judging panel representatives among the attendees of the event.

Opening speech was delivered by VTB Arena park Project Director Mr. Andrei Peregoudov. “At the moment Dynamo district is experiencing tough times as aside from our project – VTB Arena Park – there are two metro stations construction and utilities replacement happening alongside. And we are glad that at this complicated period for local residents we have a good reason for conveying encouraging news, namely, that we have some ideas of improving “Dynamo” boulevard. Basically, boulevard is not pertaining to VTB Arena park project, we don’t lease this land from the city, nonetheless, we consider this area to be ours as we do really care about the way our district looks and especially this narrow strip of land which welcomes visitors and leads to Dynamo Stadium and our park”.

Introducing seven shortlisted projects, Ilya Mukosey, contest supervisor said that “during the researches of “Dynamo” boulevard the students concluded that the boulevard should be viewed as a whole with its adjacent area between Dynamo metro station pavilions, Dynamo park, Petrovsky park and Dynamo Stadium, therefore, some projects developed by students were not specifically aimed at the boulevard itself but mostly at its adjoining areas”.

The Contest envisaged three winning places. The first place holder is Ksenia Zvereva. In her survey she focused on the noise level examination near Leningradskoe Highway: by means of measuring noise pollution level she found out that many places tested are 15 dB above the norm. The solution she proposed is to strengthen “medium green belt” of “Dynamo” boulevard, i.e. to plant plenty of shrubs converting the area into vivid zone of nature and reducing noise level. The Stadium – some sort of “ noise level maximum” – is on one side of the boulevard, therefore on the other side, under the flyover, Ksenia offered to organize a yoga center– utterly quiet place – as opposed to the crowded Stadium, which at the same time will support the spirit of sports and healthy living so intrinsic to this place. The judging panel choice concurred with “people’s choice” as Ksenia’s project outvoted rival projects in the internet public voting.

“The greater challenge lies behind the problem of the “abandoned” Dynamo boulevard,” said Sergey Nikitin, the member of judging panel, urban historian, Founding Director of “MosKultProg” and “Velonotte” international project. “This land strip is one of the many other vacant lots deserted by the city which appeared as a result of routes paving which replaced former streets. We would like this contest being held in such an emblematic place for Muscovites and the entire Moscow city as “Dynamo” to become one of the first attempts to bring back lost parcels to the city”.

The second place was taken by Anastasia Rozhkova. Anastasia proposed to accentuate modern usage of the boulevard as transient area and create “a covered promenade with vertical green belt protecting pedestrians from the highway noise and inconveniences caused by the nearby construction”.

“The main idea of MARCH school,” according to Mr. Nikita Tokarev, MARCH’S Director, “to familiarize the students with the real world. The architect is not able to work being detached from reality. That is why the highest priority for the School is to work on the actual projects and we are grateful to VTB Arena park for the cooperation invitation. Thanks to this kind of collaboration with developer and city authorities we get the opportunity to study the matter more thoroughly: obtain the documents, appeal to the experts what makes the education process much more engrossing and fruitful. Furthermore, the students are given a chance that their projects might be realized afterwards”.

Daria Gerasimova took the third place by elaborating the design concept for Dynamo Physical Culture and Sports park presented by “Praktika” architectural bureau. Daria extended the cycle and jogging track suggested by “Praktika” bureau as far as Petrovsky park borders and added round bike station as a supplement“.

“During our work on VTB Arena park project we paid much attention to the interplay between the Stadium, the mixed-use complex and park with the surrounding areas,” said Mr. Sergey Tchoban, one of the judging panel members, Managing Partner of SPEECH architectural bureau. “And we noticed the complications of the areas excepted from the project. I am glad that MARCH school was involved in the search for solutions to these questions since I like this School for a fresh approach and a novel methodology of student engagement owing to which such interesting and unexpected projects are created”.

“This area is rather valuable to Dynamo district as it attracts not only local residents but also visitors of the Stadium and all the examined projects by means of expanding the infrastructure network provide very ingenious solutions for the revival of this area,” Ms. Tamara Dedinskaya, Deputy Head of “Aeroport” District Council in charge of trading and service issues, voiced her opinion.

Closing speech was given by the Contest organizer, VTB Arena park Project Director, Mr. Andrei Peregoudov: “The times of crisis and economic hardships are not the best span for developers. But probably this particular period is just the right time to cogitate about the inventive infrastructure projects which will enhance economic and social activity among local residents. We plan to put forward a number of the most intriguing suggestions contained in the contestants’ projects and hope that city authorities will find them promising”.

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