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10th Anniversary “Bike Night” in Moscow

The 10th anniversary “Bike Night” took place in Moscow the night between the 16th and the 17th of July. Over three thousand participants covered 28 kilometers in the North-Western part of the capital from the reconstructed Dymano Stadium through Khodyskoe Field, Novopeschanaya Street, Schukino, Tushino to Bratsevo estate.

The main heroes of the 10th “Bike Night” were legendary goalkeeper Lev Yashin, writer Varlam Shalamov and Princess Diana.

It the third time in a row when VTB Arena Park – Dynamo Central Stadium became one of the key venues of the “Bike Night”. This time the event host selected the Dynamo Stadium to be a starting point. Immediately before the bike ride, the area in front of the historical Western Grandstand became a stage for five live sculpture performances dedicated to the great goalkeeper.

Another route point of the 10th “Bike Night” was a small stadium in Tushino district, where the best goalkeeper in the world history of football started his career.

Another location in Tushino is connected to Princess Diana. In 1995 she was in Russia and visited children’s hospital No. 7 in Tushino district. And nearby, there is a hospital where Varlam Shalamov spent the last days of his life.

Here what the previous “Bike Nights” were dedicated to: 2007 – from Garden Ring to Pluscheva Street (industrial legacy of South-Eastern Moscow), 2008 – architectural “Bike Night”, 2009 – North Delight (studying the legacy of Moscow fringes), 2010 – experimental architecture of South-Western Moscow, 2011 – Royal Road (Leningradskoye highway), 2012 – Golden West (200th anniversary of Patriotic War of 1812), 2013 – in the memory of Vladimir Mayakovsky (South of Moscow), 2014 – in the memory of Alexander Pushkin (center of Moscow), 2015 – Subway “Bike Night” (80th anniversary of Moscow Subway).

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