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“Dynamo” boasted before its descendants.

A capsule with a message to the future generations of - sportsmen was laid in the West stand of the stadium under reconstruction.

On the 23rd of October into the foundation of the West stand of the Dynamo stadium the memorable capsule was laid with the message to the next generations of - sportsmen. If all goes as it was intended the opening of the capsule will happen in 50 years – on the 135th birthday anniversary of the legendary goalkeeper Lev Yashin. But the content of the message which the future Dynamo sportsmen will read is not all about sports guidance. It is more like a script of the commercial, at least “MK” correspondent could not help but feel this way being present at the ceremony.

“Today we celebrate not only the 85th birthday anniversary of Lev Yashin, greatest Russian soccer player,” – while Mr. Andrei Peregoudov, Project Director, is delivering the opening speech the snow is falling down the stage near the West stand. It is frosty outside, but the suddenly emerged sun still warms up. “This day in three years, on the 22nd of October, 2017 – we will unveil the newly renovated Dynamo stadium.

We decided to celebrate this date via symbolic ceremony – laying of the capsule containing a message to the future generations of the Dynamo sportsmen”.

The capsule at the moment of address delivery is behind the speaker’s back. It is an aluminium-coated alloy in the shape of a football of 22 cm in diameter packed in the transparent plastic box. After lively dancing on the stage – the guests also had to move in order to warm up – Vladimir Pilguy, Yashin’s successor (by the way a silver medalist of the 1972 Europe Football Championship and twice an Olympic bronze medalist) read off the message and the container was placed into a special niche in the wall.

“This is the historic part of stadium wall which in the experts’ opinion was initially built in 1928” – Mr. Andrei Peregoudov explained.

The rest of the walls, including the stadium itself, were rebuilt and reconstructed twice.

And now a multifunctional sports and entertainment complex with a total area of 32 ha is being erected in this area. The multi-purpose Arena and the Stadium will be located under one roof of the renewed Stadium.

The total capacity of the Stadium will be 27000 seats and the multi-purpose Arena will be able to host from 11500 up to 14000 people depending on the configuration: hockey, basketball or concert.

After the rousing speeches Vladimir Pronichev, Chairman of All-Russia Society of Sports and Physical Training "Dynamo” suddenly focused on the economic issues. “In recent years we have taken a tack on the completely new model of the sports development; – he shared his opinion with the audience – when sports is supported by the business community and the government. Everything is in line with the common concept. It makes life of the society and sportsmen easier”. Later on the speakers repeatedly highlighted the complicated situation for the developers at this timeof financial turbulence but the latters in spite of all the difficulties will keep their promise and complete the project in accordance with the deadline.

“We truly believe that you, our future generation, will preserve and multiply the values which our ancestors: fathers, grandfathers and great grandfathers committed their lives to – among other things Vladimir Pilguy read off -  it is the principle of fair sports battle, respect for the rival, dedication to the sports community”. These were some of the scarce words with a purely advisory sense. Apart from them the Dynamo veterans extolled the renovated arena in advance using such praising phrases as “such multifunctionality is the real revolution in the sports world” and they called the descendants for cherishing the arena as the apple of their eye.

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