Complex layouts
The “Dynamo” Sports Academy is aimed to preserve and replenish the tradition of training champions, to improve the professional level of sportsmen, while the specialized medical complex will provide the VTB Arena Park residents with a constant and effective healthcare.

In the vicinity of the big sports arena and the residential part of the project, there will a new building of the “Dynamo” Sports Academy with children’s sports schools and other sports centers. A gymnastics hall with spectator tribunes, a hall for combat sports, two hockey rinks, a hall for game sports (tennis, basketball, handball, volleyball, etc.) and a football training arena – these are just several components of this facility.

Among the partners of the “Dynamo” Sports Academy there will be the most famous sports schools:

  • “Dynamo” Children’s Hockey School
  • Voronin Gymnastics School
  • Shamil Tarpischev Children’s International Tennis Academy
  • “Dynamo” Fencing Club
  • and other famous “Dynamo” clubs and schools
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