Mini soccer tournament

On the 12th of December 2010 in Dynamo indoor arena (training ground) there was held “VTB Arena park cup” mini soccer tournament dedicated to anniversaries which are due to be celebrated this year: centennial of Mikhail Yakushin, 90th birthday anniversary of Konstantin Beskov, 75th birthday anniversary of famous tour of England.

The event was held by MC Dynamo, a company responsible for Dynamo stadium and its adjacent area reconstruction and renovation. Major idea of the tournament is to send off current year, to organize a farewell event for the legendary Dynamo Stadium or more precisely for the way it looks nowadays (in coming days the scheduled works on dismantling of worn-out elements inside the Stadium will be initiated but this is not the case with the stands that are part of the architectural monument) and to celebrate New Year party and start a new life of the high-end Stadium.

The tournament was started by Evgeny Lovchev. In his welcoming words he highlighted that participation of the teams in this tournament was an embodiment of true love for football unlike those disorders that occurred on Manezh Square which had nothing to do with the most popular game in the world. Valentina Timofeevna – Lev Yashin’s widow also attended the event.

“It’s not easy to compete in this kind of tournament. You’re doing your best, go all out to cover your partner and save the team. And there is no feign as all teams keep themselves at a decent level” – concluded Igor Semshov right after the tournament. Fans were rewarded with series of interesting moments and rejoiced at his performance. It goes without saying that Semshov stood out against the rest of the team and he became major striking power for TV channel team in all important matches . The group of four heavy hitters consisted of teams which won in qualification matches and in quarter-finals. “Russia2” team was eager to conquer “Yak1” on penalties only as normal playing-time ended in a draw 1:1. Although “Yak1” team took up the running but Semshov was able to shoot a goal which led TV channel players to triumph. This goal was considered by Semshov as the most memorable one.

“Dynamo” fan club team “Dynasty2” outplayed “Adriatic sport”, matches for teams “Efes” and “Sgomon” resulted in a win. These teams had in their stock 4 victories in 4 matches by semi-final. “Efes” reached the final among these 2 teams with the score of 1:0. In another persistent standoff “Russia2” overcame “Dynasty”, the score was 2:1 despite Semshov’s effective pass which seemed to predetermine the end of the game but “Dynasty” equalized the score yet failed to convert goal chances. Nevertheless there was penalty shootout during the bronze medal match. Battle “Dynasty” against “Sgomon” scored 1:1. During competition race most successful were “Dynamo” players who came over their rivals 3:2. In final match “Russia 2” versus “Efes” TV channel team won with the score of 4:1. Semshov played a blinder in this game, his most spectacular goal of the match was long-range 90 degree shot at acute angle.

During medal ceremony Igor Semshov received a special jury award and his team added yet another trophy to its abounding collection. Prizes were presented by glorified veterans of “Dynamo” team – Viktor Tsarev and Vladimir Kesarev. Every participant has its prize or gift: fans received t-shirts as a keepsake and teams got the set of pleasing souvenirs. The winner of the consolation round was “” web portal team, they still could have proceed with the fight for the medals as they were equal on points to the other teams in the group but concede to the competitors only in terms of scored and missed goals. In all fairness it has to be added that the player of “” team became top scorer of the match.

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