Gorodki game in Petrovsky park 20 years later

“Gorodki” (a popular Russian folk game) rehome itself upon an initiative of VTB Arena park team. The event was held on the 24th of September 2011 on the territory of Dynamo Central stadium – its historical homeland.

“Last time I played here as early as USSR championship – Dynamo was considered a major Gorodki venue back then – says Mikhail Prits, VTB Arena Park First Cup referee, vice-president of Moscow City Federation of Gorodki Sport. It is really nice that your initiative helped to revive interest to this once ultra-popular game. After all it is first and foremost Dynamo venue that hosted “Gorodki” competitions as part of the First All-Union Spartakiad which took place in 1928.”

And now many years later it is clear for everyone that “Gorodki” is an ageless game which went down in history as an essential part of Russian culture. It develops accuracy, wit, acumen, grit, and stress resistance – all personal traits which are indispensable these days. On this beautiful autumn day all guests were involved in the game, among them: young Dynamo players and retirees who also decided to throw a bat and to cast mind back when they used to play ever-present game – “banki” (similar to “gorodki”). Reporters who covered the tournament also participated in the game. Even Spaniard Javier who regularly jogs along the paths of Petrovsky Park was attracted by this Russian entertainment hitherto unknown to him.

After an introduction master class conducted for participants by members of the Gorodki National team the tournament began. Despite the shortened scheme applied to this tournament: it was necessary to knock down only 4 instead of 15 wooden figures (regular rule for official competitions), the battle lasted till the evening to let all 30 teams, consisting of three people each, try their fortune. Besides a number of participants tried their luck for several times – 2 or 3 – and amassed a collection of trophies: gold medals and cute t-shirts with logotype of the host party.

The most persistent struggle was a “television race” – a duel between the teams of “Doverie” and “Moskva-24” channels. The latter turned out to be more precise. Tough victory over worthy rivals such as Reuter’s correspondent belonged to the host team under the guidance of Sergey Takhanov, Project Director.

All-in-all in this case we can’t say that the first fry is bound to be a flop.

It is pretty likely that such events will become regular. All the more “Gorodki” game proved to be a symbol of pleasant and family like pastime. And it has much in common with the major task of VTB Arena project team: to transform Dynamo district into a breathtaking leisure center for locals and foreign guests.

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