April 26, 2014, there was a traditional volunteer clean-up arranged in in the “Dynamo” Sports Park in the territory of the VTB Arena Park project. The clean-up was officially started by Andrei Peregoudov, Senior Vice President of VTB Bank, General Director of CJSC “MC Dynamo” and the head of VTB Arena Park. According to Andrei Peregoudov, “the Dynamo Clean-up in the Park is becoming a good tradition, each time it gathers more and more participants, including not only the Dynamo members and project team but also local citizens.”

It is symbolic that the Clean-up started at the monument to the great Lev Yashin, and his widow Valentina Timofeyevna together with other Dynamo veterans: Vladimir Pilguy, Vladimir Dolbonosov, Vladimir Eshtrekov, Elena Scherbachova, Nadezhda Arskaya, planted a big lilac bush. According to Lev Yashin’s long-term Moscow Dynamo USSR national team partner Viktor Tsarev, “Clean-ups are arranged at the Dynamo stadium and its surrounding territory for many decades. I am glad that this traditions of getting stronger. I hope that soon we will be coming here to our new beautiful stadium where Dynamo sportsmen will win many great and long-awaited victories.”
The Clean-up passed in friendly atmosphere. Apart from garbage cleaning, the participants made nesting boxes and bird feeders; the students of the Dynamo youth sports school took part in competitions and games.

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