Building the Stadium Together

April 10, Friday, approximately 40 Moscow Dynamo fans gathered together in the Petrovsky Park in order to participate in the action called “Building the Stadium Together” dedicated to laying the first brick in the museum part wall foundation of the VTB Arena – Central Stadium “Dynamo”. The Dynamo fans who closely followed the construction process had a chance to make their personal input into the history the legendary stadium and witness the current stage of the Arena construction process.

Nevertheless, not every fan of the Moscow Dynamo club had a chance to get on the construction site. It was a trial action with a limited number of participants. However, in the future, the organizers are planning to increase the number of participants and invite more fans to take part in the stadium construction. Today’s event coincided with the All-Russian Clean-up and became possible thanks to the support from MC “Dynamo” and Dynamo Fan Club.

Before the very beginning of construction works, the participating fans and reporters passed obligatory safety training in a site camp. The developer pays special attention to arranging comfort on the site. Each small detail must be considered during the implementation of such an immense project, and all participants had a chance to make sure of it. The Dynamo fans could see with their own eyes the scale of works, to study the project miniature and to try themselves as professional builders. The organizer made a presentation of the project which includes a football stadium for 27,000 seats and a small arena for 12 000. According the project management, the main feature of the small arena will be its multi-functionality.

Saying his speech, Sports Part Project Director of VTB Arena Park Sergey Tsybin noted that the stadium must be focused on the comfort and safety of the people who will be coming to Pertovsky Park together with their families. Special words were said about the professional level of the workers (there are approximately 500 concrete workers and 130 engineers working on the site) who ensure timely and proper implementation of the VTB Arena Park project. The following work was taken by the head of the General Contractor Codest International S.r.l. Diego Robuschi:

“We are glad to welcome you at our facility. It is a great honor for us to see people who care about “Dynamo”. I hope there will be no accidents. Quality and safety during construction works is our priority. I wish to enjoy visiting our site. At the same time, I ask you to follow all instructions from foremen and HSE managers. You are going to fulfil a difficult task but it is a great chance to try yourself in a new role for the benefit of your native club. We will move forward together according to the schedule.”

After the safety training, the participants received personal protection equipment: hard hats, vests and special shoes necessary for the woks on site, which obviously added an element of intrigue to the action.

And pleasant news arrived just before the participant entered the site – next week, April 15, the construction works at the football field level will be finished. We guests were delighted to hear such news.

The Dynamo fans got split into several groups, 5-6 people in each one, and started the work. Gloomy Friday morning switched to a bright sun lifting the spirits up. The guests were eager to lay bricks, stir the mortar and use trowels like experienced workers. The work was humming and didn’t look like a staged performance – each fan wanted to make its own input into the foundation of the “Dynamo” museum walls. The work process was controlled by the foremen who sometimes made their corrections. The guests were cheering up each other with jokes and chants: “Dynamo! Dynamo” To everyone’s surprise, the project managers joined them from time to time, particularly Carlo Melella, the Head of Construction Site.

“It looks nice,” Carlo shared his emotion. “The guests have understood what it is, the construction of such a tremendous project as VTB Arena Park. They saw how the construction is going on, where we are now. It is very important. I am not afraid of any flaws in the works done by the guests. Yes, they are not professionals, and professionalism of course is important for a high-quality work. However, their eagerness also plays its part, and there is plenty of it.”

In the end of the event, each participant could lay personally named brick, which will stay in the museum wall for many years.

By the end of the action “Building the Stadium Together”, the guest had a cocktail dinner where the fans could share their emotions and impressions and friendly and casual atmosphere. After the meeting, the head of Fans Relations Department of Dynamo Moscow Sports Club Evgeny Schegolev, First Deputy General Director for Construction Sergey Tarkhanov, the experienced Dynamo fan Viktor “Batya” and the head of the Dynamo Fan Club Yaroslav Kharitonov shared their thoughts and impression about the atmosphere on the site.

“We had quite long negotiations with the management of VTB Arena Park,” said Evgeny. “In the beginning there were some difficulties because the construction site where the major construction work has been done today had to be prepared and agreed with the developer, management company and the contractor and prepares. There were no problems on the fans’ part. The Dynamo fans are always ready to come to the stadium to support the team, even to help with the construction of their home stadium. The brick wall of the new Dynamo museum was not a random choice. Today is a historic moment because today we started the construction of the walls for our future stadium. Who but the fans should make an input into the construction of the new arena? There could be no other way. I would like to thank all fans who came today to the site. For sure, they are the lucky ones. They have entered the history of our football club and our home stadium. I also like to thank the team of VTB Arena Park, the Management Company, and the General Contractor Codest International for giving us this opportunity! I hope it is not the last action. We would like to participate on a regular basis, at least one a month or one in two months so that the other fans, who could not come here today, could also have this chance in the nearest future.”

“Way back last year we had a mere idea to invite fans to the construction site,” accepted Sergey Tarkhanov. “But since that time we have come a long way and, as you see, the Dynamo fans are participating in laying a foundation stone for the “Dynamo” museum which will be located in the stadium. The fans demonstrated a great enthusiasm doing this work. Such activities unite people. Every three month we arrange Dynamo fans meetings who see our achievements and progress toward the goals in order to avoid any unwanted rumors or fantasies. This action is an important start in our way to the project completion. We don’t mind the Dynamo fans to take an active part in the construction in the future, especially when the event is going well.”

“I could never know how cool it is to take part in the reconstruction of legendary “Dynamo” stadium,” shared his emotions Viktor. “It was a gloomy morning today but, as you see, the sky has cleared up. The sun is helping us, we are full of emotions because it is twice more pleasant to building your own home! I came to the “Dynamo” stadium for the first time in 1982 for the match between Dynamo and Metallist from Kharkov. That match a draw 1:1, and our goalkeeper took the penalty. So, this place is really like a home to me! The workers see for whom they are building the stadium, they see sincere emotions, and they see what people really need.”

“Today’s action is a unique project,” concluded Yaroslav. “Nobody had anything like this yet! I hope this action will be continued. It is very good especially when the weather helps. There was no preference in choosing the participants; everyone who wanted could come to the site. The guys sent there requests in free form. Unfortunately the number of places was limited. Our fans were pleasantly surprised by the fact that it was not a show. Everything was for real and people hat to really work. For the first time I came to Petrovsky Park with a fried in 1998. Since then, I am a Moscow Dynamo fan. When the stadium is finished, I am sur that many people will come here with their families, bring wives and children. People who came here today have something to be proud of!”

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