Who is actually building the future “Dynamo stadium?

The VTB Arena – Central Stadium “Dynamo” is one of the biggest construction projects in Moscow, which opening in 2017 is awaited by professional sportsmen and simple citizens of Moscow. The project is unique because it will include the Central Stadium “Dynamo”, a park area and a city district.

Way back when the reconstruction had just started, many people worried what would be left from the old stadium. It is not just a sports arena from the Soviet times; it is a true Russian sports history. If the walls could speak, they would tell us about the Lev Yashin’s miraculous goal defense, Mikhail Semichastny’s ball deliveries and Viktor Dubinin’s trainer skills. Obviously, it would be impossible to completely remove such a facility; that is why David Manica, Project Chief Architect, has maintained the historical wall of the legendary stadium in his concept design. In a couple of years we will see a big stadium and a multi-functional arena that would be raised above a shopping and entertainment center… But now the construction is going on at full pace.

The construction progress and completed works have been inspected by the “Dynamo” football players: the forward Alexander Kokorin and halfbacks Roman Zobnin and Alexandr Tashaev headed by Andrey Kobolev, the “Dynamo” chief trainer. The workers decided not just to tell but also show what the true construction means. See what happened next in our video.

Source: http://vtbrussia.ru/sport/vtbarena/kto-na-samom-dele-stroit-budushchiy-stadion-dinamo-/

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