Letter “D” in the heart of the stadium will bring many victories

There is a huge graffiti letter “D”, the “Dynamo” club’s logo, appeared on the constructed “Dynamo” stadium in Leningradsky Avenue. This action was initiated by the management of VTB Arena Park, the “Dynamo” stadium construction project.

“Today we are going to participate in an unprecedented event – a huge letter “D”, which is the “Dynamo” club’s logo, will appear on the foundation of the “Dynamo” football field. After some time, the logo will be covered by a natural turf, which will surely be the field of victories for the “Dynamo” football club and the Russian national team,” said Andrei Peregoudov, the head of VTB Arena Park.

The club’s logo occupied almost 100 square meters. Approximately 40 paint spays (around 16 liters) were used by graffiti artists to paint the logo. Andrei Peregoudov noted the construction process goes under the schedule. The concrete works for the tribunes will be finished by the end of 2015.

“All concrete works at the stadium will be finished by the end of this year. Then we are going to start the installation of steel structures, particularly in the Western part where we had to reinforce the historical wall," added Andrei Peregoudov.

Let’s look the letter “D” from the sky – the “Dynamo” club’s logo painted on the concrete of the future football field.

Video from 360 TV: http://360tv.ru/news/na-strojaschemsja-stadione-dinamo-pojavilos-ogromnoe-graffiti-v-vide-jemblemy-kluba-36479
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