Denkmal exhibition 2011

Decision of VTB Arena park project to act as a sponsor of Denkmal exhibition 2011 is driven particularly by the fact that our team works on the wide range of issues related to heritage preservation and restoration.

We believe that nowadays continuity of the best European traditions during modernization process of cultural heritage sites is of significant importance. Without any doubt it is our duty to breathe a new life into these sites, infuse new blood into (inject new life into) them. At the same time we stick to an exacting attitude towards keeping historical significance of renovated facilities and looking forward to further development of this trend.

One of the basic objectives of “DENKMAL-Moscow 2011” exhibition is to cover European best practices in transformation of cultural heritage sites in a modern environment. It will become a most appropriate arena for lore and new ideas consolidation of Russian and foreign experts in the sphere.

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