The territory of the Dynamo Sports Park has another symbol of the famous stadium that had been the main football arena of the state for many years. This symbol is the “Dynamo” sign letters which had been decorating the legendary Western Tribune for 80 years.

Our stadium has an extremely interesting history. Its initial design was developed by such outstanding architects as Alexander Langman and Leonid Cherikover and included three concrete tribunes that were erecter to the height of a four-storied building in August 1928. The stadium initially had a U-shape spreading for half a kilometer with straight Northern and Southern Tribunes and one closing semi-circular Western Tribune. The Eastern Tribune was built later during the stadium reconstruction and the second phase of construction lasted from Autumn 1934 to the early 1936.

It is interesting that before the construction of the Eastern Tribune with its towers that used to carry big letters of team names and score, all this information was displays on small boards raised on flag posts in the open space to be occupied by the Eastern Tribune in the future. In the early 1930s the score was also displayed with air balloons of different colors. Three red and two white air balloons on the flag posts meant that the team in red T-shirts was ahead 3:2.

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